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Benham Brothers

Do you want to build a bullet-proof business in today’s cancel culture - following the Bible as your roadmap to success? How about owning a business without it owning you, and thriving in your personal relationships as well as your professional ones? The Benham Brothers are here to help - along with their award-winning Expert Ownership team! Nationally-acclaimed entrepreneurs and best-selling authors, David and Jason Benham, share their more than 40 years of business experience to show you how to achieve financial freedom, enjoy relational success, and have a bold impact in today’s “easy to offend” culture. These twin brothers were the OG’s of cancel culture when their HGTV show was canceled back in 2014 for their Christian values. Yet they stood strong and continued to thrive in business without a scratch, and now they’re here to help you do the same.If you’re ready to "fight the good fight" with guys who pull no punches for fear of being politically incorrect, this podcast is for you!